Thank you all! #swiasi – George Ginghina

Thank you all! #swiasi

20131028_131817Why do all good things must come to an end? I guess it’s just the way of life. Startup Weekend was, for me, one of the best experiences of my life. I had the chance to write history by being part of the first edition ever held in Iasi, to meet new people, to make new friends, to share both experience and knowledge, and so on and so forth. During the past 3 days I was a blogger, one of the unofficial coaches and also part of the jury that decided the winners. I will never be able to forget any of you and I would also love to meet all again, sometime in the future.

First of all I would like to thank to the organizers. Catalin Scripcariu, Bogdan Mustata, Andrei Neagu, Adina Iacob, Valentin Darii, Adrian Pica and Diana Onofrei were absolutely amazing and have worked like hell for everything to be perfect. Please allow me to say that it was one of the best events that I have ever attended. Extraordinary organization my friends, but don’t forget that your job is not done yet. Actually, your job just started because I’m sure that all of us are looking further for more and more editions every year.

Second of all I would like to thank to Dwight Gunning a.k.a the Facilitator for everything that he has been involved in. Dwight, you are truly amazing and I am sure that we’ll be in touch for many years from now on. I learned a lot from you (even if you might not know that just yet) and I hope to keep this process going on. I’ll never forget you, mate!

Third of all let’s give a big, huge round of applause for the coaches: Iwein Fuld, Bogdan Iordache, Ilie Ghiciuc, Gregory Rondin, Ana Maria Andronic, Gianmarco Carnovale, Emanuel Martonca, Cosmin Ghinea, Tak Lo and Thomas Cocirta. I felt great meeting each and every of you and being (even though not officially) part of your team. You taught me many things (especially Iwein) and we need to keep that momentum!

Changing the page to something a bit more official, how could I forget my colleagues, the fellow judges?! Tak Lo, Cosmin Ghinea, Prof. Dr. Constantin Sasu, Gregory Rondin, Ovidiu Sandu and Marius Ursache were really nice and fun to work with. Thanks again to Dwight and Catalin for providing me with this absolutely mind-blowing opportunity!

Last but not least, a big thangs goes to you, the participants. Why? For believing in your idea, for working your asses off, for communicating with each other, and so on, and so forth. I loved advising you when you asked for it so I hope that you had some positive outcome out of that.

During last night I had the chance to speak with many people and tryed to share some thoughts. The fact that you won or not is, from my point of view, irrelevant. The fact that you worked almost continuously for 3 days is and will be insignificant if you don’t keep on pursuing your ideas and your dreams. Everything is possible if you work hard enough! Of course, you need to make sacrifices, but you have shown a lot of potential during these past days and it would be such a pity if you wouldn’t keep going in the same direction.

Thanks again to all of you and I hope to meet again next time!

George Ginghina, 25 de ani, din Iasi dar recent mutat in Bucuresti. Pe parcursul ultimilor 10 ani m-am ocupat cu realizarea de continut si grafica pentru social media, campanii de Facebook Ads, web development si altele.

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