Live-blog: Startup Weekend Iasi - 2.11.2013 – George Ginghina

Live-blog: Startup Weekend Iasi – 2.11.2013

During the first day at Startup Weekend Iasi I have met many foreign people (and with this occasion I would like to salute both Dwight and Iwein) which asked me if I am blogging in English. As I was not, for the following two days I decided to change the page a little bit and do this live blogging thingy in a language that everyone can understand.

09:00 – People are starting to arrive at United Business Center, the local headquarter of our event. The offices are now full and the people have already started working on transforming their ideas into profitable businesses. We will be live both here and on twitter (@georgeginghina) – mostly twitter – and we will be bringing you live updates as it follows.

09:51 – The offices are organized, the seats are taken, the ideas are starting to flow. All the teams took no time to recess and started to organize their thoughts, their ideas, everything. The mentors will be presented somewhere after lunch…

11:51 – Networking, mentors’ meeting, ideas, quick introduction, background, mentoring, and so on.

12:01 – 13 teams. Each and every one with a great purpose! :)

12:57 – Dwight is speaking to the teams in order to find out the current status, the things that they are working on, etc.

13:06 – Coaches presented themselves. Dwight is going around the room, taking one person from each team to speak about their ideas.

14:30 – Mentoring is one of the on going processes of this moment. All the coaches are busy as bees and trying to offer their best advice possible.

14:47 – It’s been a long day, I have spoken with a lot of persons and did a lot of work. Little George is starting to get tired. Maybe I should grab a coffee…

15:16 – Having a chat with Andrei, one of the organizers. Nice guy! :))

16:13 – We had a break and now it is time to get back to work. Mentors are back to consulting the teams.

17:16 – Tired as hell. I can barely sit on a chair… I wonder how these coaches can keep going.

18:54 – Dinner time. The organizers want us to be healthy so they ordered salads. Yum!

22;50 – We are wrapping it up for tonight. The teams have worked on their projects (and some of them are still doing that) so we’ll just leave it peacefully like that. Good night everyone! :)

George Ginghina, 25 de ani, din Iasi dar recent mutat in Bucuresti. Pe parcursul ultimilor 10 ani m-am ocupat cu realizarea de continut si grafica pentru social media, campanii de Facebook Ads, web development si altele.

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