Dear Leo – George Ginghina

Dear Leo

I can tell you for sure that this is not our goodbye. It’s just some sort of “See you later, my friend!”…

You will see that the friends we made here, the Wolfpack, everything will last in time. Every beautiful story has an ending, but ours is not here yet! Someday, maybe in a few weeks, maybe in a few months or in a few years we will meet again. Someday, the Wolfpack will be reunited and we will share again nice thoughts, nice memories, freedom and a lot of beers. Someday…

I want to publicly thank you for each and every moment that we spent together, for each and every conversation that we had, for each and every shit that we shared, for each and every beer that we brought to death. We know each other since the beginnings of our Erasmus, and we came in Foggia at the same time. We are in this shit together, and forever we will be!

Even though we are not related, we have always been like brothers, because this is what we are… BROTHERS! Together we managed to get through both happy and less happy situations. Together we changed ourselves in both good and bad ways. Together we developed our personalities… but this only in good. THIS IS OUR SHIT! LOOK AT HIM!

Your home was my home, and my home was your home. Your food was my food, and my food was your food. Your drink was my drink, and my drink was your drink. You can’t have something like that with anyone…

When we came here, we were children. Now, we are adults… In 5 months we grew up, and again, we did that TOGETHER!

Thank you Leo, thank you for everything!

George Ginghina, 25 de ani, din Iasi dar recent mutat in Bucuresti. Pe parcursul ultimilor 10 ani m-am ocupat cu realizarea de continut si grafica pentru social media, campanii de Facebook Ads, web development si altele.

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